Advocacy Action Center

Welcome to the MPA Advocacy Action Center
MPA monitors issues that affect your practice and advocates on behalf of our membership to ensure that pharmacy professionals can continue to play a vital role in patient care. It's important for members to be engaged in advocacy efforts too so that we can all work together to keep patients healthy and safe. Having a voice and advocating allows you to share your opinions on key pharmacy issues, form relationships with legislators that could lead to future successes, and ensure that you can continue providing safe and effective patient care. 

Please consider taking action on the issues below that could impact the pharmacy profession. Note that you must be logged in to access the Advocacy Action Center. This resource was designed to provide members with pre-loaded e-mail/letter templates to allow you to take immediate action and voice important concerns to your elected officials. We encourage you to personalize the e-mail or letter, adding in a patient care story, an experience directly related to the issue or a situation that caused you to want to immediately react. Contact information for your legislators is also displayed (visit the Advocacy User Profile page), providing you with the option to make a phone call in addition to or instead of sending an electronic e-mail or printed letter. If you need some assistance getting started, be sure to view our introductory video on how to use the Advocacy Action Center.

Join us in making a difference for pharmacy, patients and the future!

All of the activities mentioned are simple ways that you can advocate for pharmacy! Whether you send an e-mail, mail a letter, make a phone call or join our advocacy team or donate to Pharmacy PAC, you are making a difference for your profession. If you have any questions, please contact MPA Government Affairs Manager Brian Sapita at (517) 377-0254.


New Government Affairs Committee Seeking Members

The Michigan Pharmacists Association (MPA) is proud to announce the formation of a new Government Affairs Committee (GAC). The GAC will be led by chair Eric Roath and co-chair Dan Lobb. It will be responsible for crafting pharmacy-related legislation and providing input on legislation as it moves through the legislative process. For more information, read the Government Affairs Committee Statement of Purpose.

The GAC is currently seeking members from all practice settings who are interested in shaping the future of pharmacy through legislation. The committee will meet monthly, or more frequently as needed while the Legislature is in session. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email MPA Government Affairs Manager Brian Sapita.

Advocacy Issue List

Title Type Summary Legislation Introduced
House Pharmacy Caucus State The Pharmacy Caucus is a bipartisan alliance of legislators who advocate on behalf of community pharmacists across the state of Michigan. We are pleased that Rep. Hank Vaupel (R-Handy Twp.) and Rep. Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores) are serving as co-chairs of the Caucus. The Caucus provides information, opportunities for discussion and solutions that promote the important role pharmacists play as healthcare providers in Michigan. Take action