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In 2015, MPA launched the new and improved That’s My Pharmacist campaign. Materials were redesigned with the overall goal of improving quality and effectiveness. Last year’s campaign focused on these main points:

  • Redesign messages based on theory, considering source credibility
  • Consider audience literacy and health literacy.

Based on member feedback, we will making the That’s My Pharmacist Campaign a year-round campaign. Each month will focus on a specific health observance. MPA will provide a flyer for pharmacies to print off and display or make available to patients that is specific to the featured health observance for that month. Here is a list of the topics covered in the first quarter of 2016:

National Birth Defect Prevention Month  

American Heart Month 

National Kidney Month

Visit to access a flyer for each of the observances above. Print off the flyer and share the key information included with your patients! The details included in these resources will help your patients further understand the importance of utilizing their pharmacist as a vital member of their personal health care team.

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