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Julie Schmidt is a cardiology clinical pharmacist at Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo and has been an MSHP/MPA member since 2013.

Describe Your Role/Day in the Life:

It depends on the day! Some days, I work on the inpatient cardiology floor, and other days, I am working in our outpatient heart failure clinic. On the inpatient side, I work with providers and nurses to make sure patients receive the correct medications and dosages for disease states such as atrial fibrillation, AMI and decompensated heart failure. I provide a lot of patient education to make sure patients will be successful with their medication regimens after they leave the hospital. In the congestive heart failure (CHF) clinic, I am part of an interdisciplinary team comprised of a social worker, dietitian, nurse practitioner, registered nurse and two medical assistants. Our main goal is to impact our CHF patients in a positive way by decreasing hospitalizations and improving their quality of life. I work closely with patients optimizing their CHF medications, assessing for adherence barriers and ensuring they understand their disease state and what we can do to help.

Why You’re an MSHP/MPA Member:

MSHP/MPA has allowed me to network with professionals all around our state as well as keep in contact with friends I may have known from pharmacy school but may not otherwise see. I enjoy working closely with other individuals who are also passionate about advancing our profession. Being a part of MSHP/MPA is also a great way to keep up on current events and be involved in activities I would otherwise not be a part of.

Recent Accomplishments:

I was elected and currently serve as the president of Western Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists (WMSHP). This year has also been exciting, because I have advanced my involvement in MSHP to become the western regional society representative on the MSHP Board of Directors. In non-pharmacy news, I have recently house trained a puppy, which is no easy feat!

How MSHP/MPA Has Helped You Achieve Any Accomplishments:

Through my years as a member of MSHP/MPA, I have gained invaluable leadership experience. I have been co-chair of the MSHP Public Affairs Committee and most recently the board liaison to the MSHP Membership Committee. Being a part of a state organization has allowed me to be actively involved in the advancement of our profession, which ultimately leads to improving outcomes for our patients.

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