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A new sign, awning and windows grace the front of Buena Salud Pharmacy.

Detroit — When Nikki Neuzil opened her vintage clothing shop in 2018, the exterior of the century-old building on Vernor Highway needed lots of repairs. The storefront for Flamingo Vintage has a deep glass display windows where Neuzil shows off the clothing, accessories and housewares she sells. However, it lacked proper signage, had running tar, and mortar was crumbling from the façade.

“The outside was rough,” Neuzil said.

Neuzil received funding this year from Southwest Detroit Business Association’s Façade Matching Grant and Design Assistance Program to restore the brick, install wrought iron flower boxes and add a bright turquoise awning with the business logo.

Flamingo Vintage is among seven recently completed improvement projects in the West Vernor and Springwells and West Michigan Avenue commercial districts.

“My business was a bit of an eyesore from the outside and now when I drive down Vernor from the highway, it’s just a beautiful thing to see how all of the businesses are growing and us doing that for the neighborhood together has really lifted our community up for the better,” Neuzil said. “It does look so much nicer when you drive down Vernor now.”

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