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Walmart Inc (WMT.N) said last week it would increase the average pay of pharmacy workers to more than $20 per hour and offer more frequent and automatic pay raises as part of a new "progressive wage model" to address a tight domestic labor market.

The raises by the nation's largest private employer will be offered to more than 36,000 Walmart and Sam's Club pharmacy technicians beginning this week, the company said in a blog post.

Starting pay will remain the same, however, ranging from $15 to $22.50, a company spokesperson said, with certified technicians starting at $16.50 and higher.

The announcement marks the second pay increase over the past year for Walmart technicians, who last received hikes of at least $1 to their base pay in August 2021.

There is currently a nationwide labor shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that is forcing retailers to adapt by offering attractive incentives and pay increases. Pharmacy chains Walgreens (WBA.O) and CVS (CVS.N) also raised minimum wages to $15 per hour and doled out sign-on bonuses over the past year.

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