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Michigan’s first tele-pharmacy is open and planning their grand opening celebration for the end of September.

Wrigley’s Pharmacy has been operating since January after a bill passed last year making tele-pharmacies legal in Michigan.

“It was definitely a long process and I think there was a huge sigh of relief not just from us, but from the community that we’re finally open,” said Tisha Peterson, manager of Wrigley’s Pharmacy.

Tele-pharmacies can help people in rural areas get their prescriptions easier. A pharmacist is able to provide care remotely through an audio-video link.

“We’re a full service pharmacy. So, we’re able to offer consultations, medication management. The pharmacist is able to review profiles and be able to go over and ensure our patients are getting all the medications they need,” Peterson explains.

Wrigley’s Pharmacy is located inside the Dublin General Store in Wellston. It’s been more than 15 years since the last pharmacist in town closed up shop, which meant people in Wellston had to travel more than a half-an-hour to pick up their prescriptions.

“It’s nice because I don’t have to worry about anything, it’s easy pick up and I don’t have to worry about driving anywhere,” one patient said.

Wrigley’s Pharmacy says they hope to continue to provide care to rural communities across Michigan as they plan to open a second location in Weidman by the end of the year.

“We’re going to continue to grow and continue to expand and we’re just going to be here for our patients,” Peterson explained.

Wrigley’s Pharmacy is holding their Grand Opening September 30 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. There will be free food for the community, a bounce house as well as games and prizes.

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